Monday, February 20, 2006

Meatball... Meatball... Meatball...

MVG and I were walking our dog around the complex last week, when we saw a very funny sight. It was about 12 degrees Fahrenheit, a cold day by any standards... we were just joking about this fellow who lives on the far side of the complex whom we were used to seeing outside topless (I think he is a Sumo wrestler) over the summer... anyway, MVG was sad that we weren't going to be seeing him on this cold day.

We round the corner, and run into a large roly-poly bulldog (we found out the dog's name was Meatball). Cherry let out a throaty growl... around the corner comes the Sumo wrestler, in NOTHING but his boxer style underwear... yelling “Meatball... Meatball... Meatball” I think the dog was embarrassed by his owner's attire, so he pretended NOT to know this person. It was such a funny site... IT WAS ONLY 12 DEGREES!

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