Friday, October 15, 2004

Euchre Tales...

I've decided to 'blog' the euchre results, since the 'Boys from Wallaceburg' seem to conveniently forget when they lose.

For those of you who don't know, Euchre is a card game... VERY SKILLFUL game. Anyway, this has been a particularly good week:


Team:Wally Boys

You'll notice that the numbers don't add up! Well, let's just say the Wally Boys jammed out today, so Team Veg had to face other willing oponents (same result). Next week, the tournament moves to the US, where the Wally Boys will face off against team Veg at the Wyndham hotel in Pittsburgh.

What would you do... part II?

I've had a lot of feedback on this one. 'Ed' is convinced that the guys aren't being honest (his response was 1 day... a throwback for the guys), at the same time, a female co-worker from our US office was quoted as saying:

My husband knows if he so much as gets sick... I'm outta here.

Anyway, I've been asked in the name of science to continue this research. I'll be polling our good friends south of the border next week when I'm in Pittsburgh.
[to be continued...]

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Is hockey dangerous?

In light of recent events, Sheila has purchased me a new helmet with a visor(full face). Here is the 'warning' that comes with the helmet:

Hockey is a dangerous collision sport. Participation in hockey implies the acceptance of risk of injury. These hockey helmets afford no protection from neck, spinal or certain types of brain injuries, including those injuries which may be caused by rotational forces. Severe head, brain or spinal injuries, including paralysis or death, may occur despite using any of these hockey helmets.

Okay, so it seems to be a toss-up as to whether or not hockey is dangerous.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

What would you do?

Okay, today I performed a 'poll' at work. Actually, Sheila got me on this kick while we were watching 'Dead Zone' (movie with Christopher Walken, not show with Anthony Michael Hall)... anyway, the question asked in the poll was:


If the person you were in a relationship with (engaged or married) went into a coma, and the doctors held no hope, how long would you wait for that person before considering (and perhaps entering) another relationship?


Okay, so this was by no means a scientific survey. I polled 8 males (including myself), and 5 females (including Sheila). Responses from 4 females and 4 males (a poor showing from the 'boys', but I think they are probably scared to answer... similar to the age old question "Does this make me look fat?")

... anyway, one might think that the men would have the shallow answers (well, they did joke about '2 weeks' before saying that they were in a relationship until the 'end'...). All men that responded said they would wait forever... or until the person ceased to exist (no mention of pulling the plug was made).

Females were of a more "move on with life" viewpoint... with one response saying "as soon as I met the 'other' significant other". My favorite answer was "If it were my first husband, I would valiantly attempt to conceal my elation...", but then went on to say "I would wait until my beloved died (going on to say "I would not pull the plug, I know how your mind works").

Anyway... there you have it. Men seem more committed.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

By Popular Demand

We've had requests to see the full size pictures (secretly, I think people want a better view of the statue with Sheila... nudge, nudge).

Anyway, the pictures are available here for better viewing. These are not all of the pictures from the vacation, but a select few. Perhaps in the future, we will release more... perhaps.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Last Day of Vacation - Oct 4

Well, our vacation is officially over now. We go back to work tomorrow. Had a nice 3 days off at home after returning from Paris.

Hockey started up today (with the 'gang' from work). Only took about 2 minutes to get my form back... by the third minute, I had broken Abe's nose in three places. It took the joy out of the game today.

Now, for those of you who know me, I swear this was an accident. I may seem uncompassionate, but I really do feel bad about it...

Sheila is on the couch at the moment... "I said hockey is dangerous... I said! Why doesn't anybody listen to me?" Greg, I told you this was coming...

Friday, October 01, 2004

Veggie Tales in Paris - Day 8

We have to get up very early because the airport shuttle is picking us up at 7:30. Last 'French' breakfast. We get back to the room and Sheila realizes she has left her purse somewhere. She toodles off to look for it, in the meantime the Front Desk phones, the shuttle and driver have been waiting for us since 7:15. We throw our stuff together and rush downstairs (Sheila returns with missing purse) where the driver informs us we are LATE, everyone has been waiting since 7:15. Sheila told the driver we were TOLD 7:30 (she would not back down, as she keeps pointing out).

In any case, we got in the shuttle which the driver then drove like a bat out hell, presumably to get to the other hotels on his route on time (or maybe that was just the way he drove).

At the airport we made the decision that we would quit second hand smoking. During our time in Paris we had been chain second hand smoking on a daily basis and this seemed as good as time to quit as any, since the airport did have no smoking signs around (not that common in Paris).

The three hour wait in the airport is tiresome. Only thing of note was a fight about what we would do if instead of going home we were now headed to London for a week. (I want to sight see, Sheila does not). It was similiar to a fight we had several years ago about what sex of puppy we would get if we got a Yorkshire Terrior. (We do not, nor did we then, or at any time, have any intention of getting a Yorkshire Terrior). Sheila is still ranting about travel.

Final Mini count: Matt: 56 Sheila: 26