Thursday, June 08, 2006

Donton (a.k.a. Downtown)

Veggie Tales is Moving!

Yes, you heard it here first... we're moving 'Donton' to a loft. We found a lovely place on the river just five blocks from where my office is (although, in a twist of fate, I will be starting a new assignment in Sewickley next week... you just can't win).

That there Internet

So, you know, you move downtown and everything is great, right? You have more and better access to stuff... so you would ASSUME! It turns out that FiOS (the Fiber Optic Service that Verizon offers) is NOT available downtown, so we can't have that. Okay, we'll stick with our Comcast service... NOPE, not available there either... perhaps we should just move to Adephia (sorry... not in that area either). So, we now are relegated to DSL with Verizon (not so bad, we were beginning to think we would not get any high speed at all... I NEED speed. We managed to get DSL without local service, so we can keep our Vonage phone service, and we'll go with DirecTV for our viewing pleasure... hmm, there is a kink there too... it requires a hard-wired local service phone line to provide the initial setup and 'on demand' content. According to the Vonage FAQ, there may be a fix... Stay tuned for the continuing epic stories relating to our move, I'm sure things will go awry in one way or another, and I'll be there to blog it.

- VG


Anonymous said...

Hello VG/MVG!

I hope all is well and that MVG is far along on feeling better. My regards to Tenzil as well! To think we were all together at Innotech only a year ago! Where did the time go?! Anyway, I thank you for tolerating the incessant interruptions to your day for references! I never thought I would have to work this hard to get a job! But I am grateful nevertheless for this opportunity! Thank you for your input and please convey the message to Tenzil as well! I still have your gift from Tokyo! Maybe one day we will all get together at Mad Mex like the good ol' days! L8r...


krista said...

I am anxiously waiting to hear how the move went! This is too long a hiatus for me to handle.