Monday, August 07, 2006

Bike Tales - MVG summary (to date)

So, as one of our friends pointed out, MVG's cycling has consisted of (in the past year):

  • Being hit by an unidentified flying object (thrown from a motorist on the other side of the road), resulting in a massive bruise
  • Crashing during an 'emergency braking' drill at cycling camp
  • Abandoning a ride in tears at the side of the road after VG takes a few minor wrong turns (in 100 degree heat) and ending up about 30 miles from home... after already riding about 30 miles (and being out of food and water).
  • Crashing (again) into a bush by the dinosaur at an incredible speed of about 2 mph... in public
  • Being chased down by two wild turkeys in the park

We're not sure what else can happen, but believe me, when it does, you will see it here first!


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