Sunday, September 23, 2007

Finding Facebook

As IF MVG needs another distraction for me... We got 'hooked' onto facebook this weekend. It is kind of cool. My brother was the one who got me on, but I didn't go wild with it until MVG mentioned it again this week (a coworker of hers in Red Deer is on it).

We both jumped in, and are part of the fastest growing demographic on facebook (the over 35 group) - according to the most recent issue of Wired magazine.

It is now a race to see who can get the most friends... as well as most songs, books, etc. in the vast array of widgets available.

I'm sitting at '8 friends' currently... a slight lead (although, I have MANY more in Linked In - the 'professional social network').

Anyway, back to the story. Countless hours (well, we could count them, but we are lazy, and stuck in facebook) were spent pouring over the details of the applications, looking at our 'friends' pictures (I put friends in quotes, because most of them are actually family), seeing what books our 'friends' read, and what music they like.

My brother keeps using a zombie widget to attack me, but sends me beer often too. I like zombies... we live in a zombie proof loft, so I have no fear of them. I mean hey, zombies are people too... we should all get along.

So, of all of my friends, I actually only have one friend... no, two. The others are family. One is the Abdominator (who was our roomie in Sarnia, which means maybe he doesn't count as a friend, more of extended family or something), and the other is an old high school/ski friend from way back (if you look at me in my face/ass book, you will see the picture in the "Blast from the Past" section - circa 1987... yes, I'm old).

So, now I have to catch up to my older (but apparently cooler) brother on this facebook thing, and send many kegs of beer and zombie attacks his way.

I must go now, this is too distracting for MVG's liking.


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