Friday, October 01, 2004

Veggie Tales in Paris - Day 8

We have to get up very early because the airport shuttle is picking us up at 7:30. Last 'French' breakfast. We get back to the room and Sheila realizes she has left her purse somewhere. She toodles off to look for it, in the meantime the Front Desk phones, the shuttle and driver have been waiting for us since 7:15. We throw our stuff together and rush downstairs (Sheila returns with missing purse) where the driver informs us we are LATE, everyone has been waiting since 7:15. Sheila told the driver we were TOLD 7:30 (she would not back down, as she keeps pointing out).

In any case, we got in the shuttle which the driver then drove like a bat out hell, presumably to get to the other hotels on his route on time (or maybe that was just the way he drove).

At the airport we made the decision that we would quit second hand smoking. During our time in Paris we had been chain second hand smoking on a daily basis and this seemed as good as time to quit as any, since the airport did have no smoking signs around (not that common in Paris).

The three hour wait in the airport is tiresome. Only thing of note was a fight about what we would do if instead of going home we were now headed to London for a week. (I want to sight see, Sheila does not). It was similiar to a fight we had several years ago about what sex of puppy we would get if we got a Yorkshire Terrior. (We do not, nor did we then, or at any time, have any intention of getting a Yorkshire Terrior). Sheila is still ranting about travel.

Final Mini count: Matt: 56 Sheila: 26

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