Tuesday, October 12, 2004

What would you do?

Okay, today I performed a 'poll' at work. Actually, Sheila got me on this kick while we were watching 'Dead Zone' (movie with Christopher Walken, not show with Anthony Michael Hall)... anyway, the question asked in the poll was:


If the person you were in a relationship with (engaged or married) went into a coma, and the doctors held no hope, how long would you wait for that person before considering (and perhaps entering) another relationship?


Okay, so this was by no means a scientific survey. I polled 8 males (including myself), and 5 females (including Sheila). Responses from 4 females and 4 males (a poor showing from the 'boys', but I think they are probably scared to answer... similar to the age old question "Does this make me look fat?")

... anyway, one might think that the men would have the shallow answers (well, they did joke about '2 weeks' before saying that they were in a relationship until the 'end'...). All men that responded said they would wait forever... or until the person ceased to exist (no mention of pulling the plug was made).

Females were of a more "move on with life" viewpoint... with one response saying "as soon as I met the 'other' significant other". My favorite answer was "If it were my first husband, I would valiantly attempt to conceal my elation...", but then went on to say "I would wait until my beloved died (going on to say "I would not pull the plug, I know how your mind works").

Anyway... there you have it. Men seem more committed.

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