Monday, December 26, 2005

A Very Veggie Christmas

The Meal

Many of you wonder, and in fact, have asked "What do you eat for Christmas?" (or anytime for that matter). Well, here is a list of what was on our table for our Christmas meal:

  • UnTurkey
  • Vegan gravy (also came in the UnTurkey box)
  • Mashed potatos
  • stir fried Kale and Garlic in lemon juice
  • Vegan chocolate cake page 74 of Sinfully Vegan... iced with Boiled toffee icing (our own recipe)
  • Yellow Tail Shiraz

The Day

Our cat got into the spirit of the season by donning the antlers. Actually (and I'm sure you can tell), she was NOT impressed by these. She did have a good day though, playing with all the toys she received. Our dog, had a fantastic day, helping to unwrap everything, and noshing on her treats.

Today, they are both tuckered out... the excitement was too much for them.

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