Sunday, October 23, 2005

U2 Vertigo: Concert Review

Live at the Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA
MVG and I went to the U2 concert last night at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh. We were not sure what to expect, others who had recently attended a U2 concert in Toronto (Ontario, Canada) were disappointed with the performance. This was my 3rd U2 concert (and MVG's second).

We decided NOT to get there early, rather we would skip the opening act and get there for the main event. We were in the Initech box seats (VIP section), very close to the stage. We could see the facial expressions (and wrinkles) on the faces of the band members.
An interesting thing happened... the person sitting next to MVG was a person I went to high school with... about 2000 miles away in "the West" of Canada. Small world.
U2 started performing at about 8:45pm. They played for at least 90 minutes (with two encore performances). The music was fantastic, the atmosphere was electric. There were elements of politics (which was the 'knock' that our source said ruined the show in Toronto), but you have to expect some politics from U2 - they are a politically charged group. I found the politics to be non-offensive, rather it was aimed towards helping to put a stop to poverty. There was also a pause prior to and after the playing of "Miss Sarajevo" to reflect on human rights. Really, the message was "Why can't we all just get along?", and I agree with that message.

Of the three U2 concerts I have been to, I would say this was the best of the bunch. We had fantastic seats, the music was awesome, and the band was very lively and into the show. Well worth seeing (in my opinion).

Read this review from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The only downside to the concert was the ear-ringing that continued until this morning... but, it was worth it.

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