Sunday, April 22, 2007

Live from D.C. - Russell Peters

So, we celebrated our anniversary this weekend, although, it really is in May... MVG got us tickets to see Russell Peters live in D.C. It was great, so great. We were in the center of the auditorium, in the second row... so close that the people around us were part of the show ("uncle Fester" to my left and front row, "Jesse" two rows behind him - looking like a young fester with hair, and the inter-racial couple "Samira and Don" up to our right). We were part of the "glow in the dark" white people in the crowd. At the end, I couldn't tell if my pain was from laughter, or my other maladies.

MVG was initially concerned that we weren't going to make it to the show, after work on Friday, I was in severe back pain, and barely able to move. I was confined to a heating pad, with pain killers and 'deep heat'. I had a horrible night's sleep, almost vomiting from the pain. Come Saturday morning, my back felt a bit better, and I really didn't want to miss the show, so we went.

We got to DC, and the hotel had a whirlpool/hot-tub... oh, was this what the doctor ordered. I spent a bunch of time with hot water jets pounding into my back... it felt so good. Almost back to normal. We then went out to eat... as I mentioned earlier though, I was, by this point, nauseous from back pain, thus suffering an intestinal problem - severe sharp pains and abdominal cramping on and off. I made it through the show, but was up again much of the night in pain.

Despite ALL of that... we had a great time in DC, and a great time at the show. I HIGHLY recommend that you go see Russell live, and BUY HIS DVD. You can find some of his stuff on Google Video...

Ok, I'm going back to the heating pad now, until next time.

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