Saturday, May 12, 2007

New Blog in Town

For those of you out there who consider yourselves somewhat nerdy, have a look out the new blog The Vegan Myth, which is a chronicle of my MythTV project.

Ok, so much for that topic, now what?

Things have been a little boring lately... well, what I mean is, nothing that is too funny or exciting to blog about. We have been just laying low since the "Russell Peters" act in D.C. The week of May 21 will see me going to Solon, OH to deliver some training for a week, MVG will be taking a week off from work to come hang out in the 'burbs of Cleveland. Later on towards the end of June, we have our second trip to Ride Noho for some cycling.

Boy, I'm starting to bore myself now... this is horrible. If I were you, I would just stop reading now. It isn't going to get any better today... I'll try again later.


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