Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Veggie Tales in Paris - Day 5

Busy day today. We've booked a bus trip to the Palace of Versailles and we leave around 9am. After informing me she is looking forward to getting a glimpse of the French countryside, Sheila goes immediately to sleep on the bus and remains comotose for the entire 50 minute trip.

The Palace is VERY crowded with a lot of tourists but luckily we have bought our tickets in advance so we are directed to the 'non-queuing' area where we stand in a long QUEUE waiting to be admitted.

It's pouring rain but luckily I am dressed for the day in shorts and a T-shirt. Sheila informs me she doesn't want to be in any pictures because her hair 'looks bad.' I said that didn't make sense because (and this a direct quote) "it wasn't going to get any better". Turns out that was NOT the right thing to say.

After we tour the palace (at a cost of about 70 euros) we were fortunate enough to queue for toilettes where the privledge to use them cost only .5 euro.

The gardens were truly amazing and even more amazing, the garden toilettes were free. (A German lady was proudly pointing them out to all who passed).

After napping on the way back to Paris, Sheila was exhausted so we returned to the hotel so she could have a 2 hour nap.
Sacre Coeur

Supper at the Grenier de Notre Dame where I accidently grabbed the waitress by the thigh. Startled us both. I gave her a huge tip.

Sheila came up with 'Mini counting' game where we each count how many Minis we can spot. End of the night I'm ahead 5-1.

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Richard Houtby said...

Sheila better not bug me about missing Sunday breakfasts (at that unreasonable hour)!!!