Thursday, September 30, 2004

Veggie Tales in Paris - Day 7

Last full day. We are sad to be leaving. Lunch at a Falafel bar in the Latin Quarter, then off for a boat cruise on the Seine. The sun is shining. Sheila remains awake for entire cruise.

Stopped for a beer in the Latin Quarter. Realized belatedly the place we were at did not have a Happy Hour in effect. Bargain price of $30 CAD for 2 beers.
Sacre Coeur

Ride the Metro back to the hotel for the last time. No buskers.

Mini count - Matt: 53 Sheila 23

Supper at an Indian/Pakistani restaurant at Montparnasse. Excellent food and the best espresso we've had so far. Funny conversation at the next table. Two 'anglophone' ladies were with a 'francophone' man, two more arrived (francophone men). They asked the ladies if they spoke french (The ladies claimed they did). It very quickly became painfully obvious that they DID NOT in fact speak french... beyond saying "Ree Guard" (regard). To add to the pleasure, their voices sounded like nails on a chalkboard.

After supper we go up the Montparnasse for night time views of Paris. Not many people, there actually was no queuing.

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