Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Veggie Tales in Paris - Day 6

Managed to get Sheila up at 8:30 this morning. Breakfast was interesting. At one point there were no clean plates, cups or utensils. People were becoming desperate. Sheila witnessed a man bathing in orange juice.

We visited the Pere Lachaise Cemetary and found Jim Morrison's grave - a bit anti-climactic but I'm not sure what I was expecting. Oldest legible grave we saw was from 1609.
Jim Morrison

In the afternoon we wandered through a few shops. Found some great clothes but prices here are very high, even BEFORE you convert from Euros to our puny CAD dollar.

A footnote here about buskers in the Metro. They're GREAT. Some of them are really talented and either entertain you while you wait for the train, or are actually performing on the train. There seems to be a standard gizmo they use for this consisting of a small luggage cart, an MP3 player and a battery powered amp, along with a mike or whatever instrument they use. The whole thing is held together with a reams of duct tape.

Mini count by 4pm is 39 for me, 12 for Sheila.

Sheila is napping right now, in a few hours we will attempt another visit to 'Au Grain Folie' and a visit to the Erotic Museum in Montmartre.

Back at Hotel - managed to finally eat at Au Grain Folie - was very good but they didn't take credit cards so we are out of cash. Went to the Erotic Museum - very interesting (no, I'm NOT putting any of those pictures up). As usual, you end up in a gift shop. No money left for Christmas gifts though, shame. Subway home included more busking, a flutist (not skin).

Important note - Sheila is not tired. Seems she has finally adjusted to the time change. Shame we go home day after tomorrow.

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