Sunday, September 04, 2005

What is wrong with people?

People Suck!
So, yesterday (the start of a lovely long weekend), MVG and I decide to go for a bike ride (despite her lingering fatigue from the 10 hour return drive from the Great White North with a 250 pound projectile... details later). We started at our lovely abode, and rode down to the valley. En route to the valley, we spotted a lady on the side of the road adjusting her mountain bike, when an SUV passes her and somebody within it throws a pop at her (similar to the image shown, but NOT actually a Big Gulp). Of course, it hit her... WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? I'm really baffled by this behavior, it JUST DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. I cannot even begin to comprehend what (other than air) is going on in the head of a person that would do that.

We continued on our way, travelling along the riverside. I was out in front, so did not witness the next act of sheer stupidity that was performed by a so called member of the human race, but MVG did witness in the sense that she was the victim. While riding along the lovely route by the river, a car (on the opposite side of the road) approached, MVG witnessed an arm come out from the driver's side of the vehicle and throw something towards her. It narrowly missed her head, but hit her in the right thigh causing a large swelling and bruise. I HATE PEOPLE is the only thing I can conjure up. A person that does this obviously has no respect for life of any sort, so therefore, has no right to life himself. Unfortunately, we did not get a license plate number, otherwise a call to the police would have ensued with the intent to lay a charge of assault.

Here is a photo of the bruise that was left on MVG's leg from this senseless act. I'm tempted to carry golf balls with me on a bike ride to hurl back at the fools in the cars.

So, I will now sign off, still in my state of rage. Thanks to the stupid F%ck that ruined our ride.

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tenzil said...

What the fuck? That's insane.