Monday, February 14, 2005

Veggie Tales in Vail - Day 1

Valentine's (Vegantine's) Day

Our chauffeur arrived promptly to deliver us to the airport... raining in Pitt of course (I just washed the car yesterday). We actually had a good experience at the airport. We got there, got on the plane, and took off with virtually no waiting.

The longest wait of the day was at the Hertz desk to get our car. Drive to Vail was nice, although poorly signed... 120 miles from Denver to the 'Dump' (a.k.a. Chateau Vail). We parked by the wheelchair ramp (12" deep snow on the ramp, which terminates at a flight of stairs). I then had a nice luke warm bath (that was as hot as the water got).

Wheelchair Ramp
This is a view from our room, the wheelchair ramp is to the left... can you see it?

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