Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Veggie Tales in Vail - Day 3

Feb 16, 2005

Still a blizzard outside this morning. Sheila put on several layers of clothing to avoid getting cold (she then complains of being to hot... it doesn't last, she got cold on the chair lift).

My left arm seems to be non functional today, not sure why. I didn't fall yesterday, and have no real memory of banging it against something. Is it from hockey on Sunday? Perhaps skiing? Maybe work? A mystery for certain, Sheila will likely point the finger at hockey.

Sheila had a meltdown today... claimed she couldn't ski (after which she proceeded to ski like a pro). We took some photos (although the snow made it difficult), here is Sheila at the summit.

Wheelchair Ramp

Returned to the room after skiing to an amazing sight... they actually made up the room... although, they didn't leave any glasses... Sheila called to have some sent up... they were very prompt, and notice below how clean they were.

Wheelchair Ramp

Back to the Nepal restaurant for supper, took the camera with us to get this nice phote of the establishment next door (liquor store)... struck me as a bit funny.

Wheelchair Ramp

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