Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Veggie Tales in Vail - Day 2

Feb 15, 2005

Well, it was our first day on the slopes, and the word of the day for Sheila is


The snow on the hill was excellent, it was a blizzard all day as you can see from this picture of me at the top of 'Giant Steps'

Wheelchair Ramp

I ventured to the 'Extreme Terain' area for a while while Sheila warmed up in the lodge... complete white out, couldn't see at all (probably for the best - if you don't see the cliff, it can't hurt you right?)

While Sheila shivered, I found myself getting a bit warm, so I had to shed a few layers.

There were horses parked at our hotel when we returned... they were getting ready for some sort of carriage rides in the village (though I can't understand why anybody would want to ride around behind a horse). Sheila warmed up by (pracically in) the fireplace. The room hasn't been made up yet, though it is still early (5:30pm). We go to a nice Indian restaurant (Nepal actually) for supper. Excellent cuisine.

Return from the restaurant, still no sign of any house-keeping... the response from the desk is surprise though I think they do it on purpose...

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