Monday, August 22, 2005

Big News (a.k.a. - It's the end of the world as I know it)

Well, my world changed today. Tenzil has 'tendered' his resignation. His last day will be on September 2. I say this changes my world, because now my workload will double (since everything he did will now become mine). This is the news I've been anticipating for the last week.

Why this is good: This is good news from a few points of view:

  • It is a great opportunity for Tenzil
  • It shows that the IT job market is strong

Why this is bad:This is bad news from a few points of view:

  • Tenzil and I are the only people on the team that have similar skills, so I get his workload by default
  • There is A LOT of work going on in our areas
  • I like having a 'like-minded' person in the next cube

Tenzil and I went for beer after work today to celebrate (with his fine family)... I had Arrogant Bastard Ale... it was yummy.

In other news, it came to light today that my wife wants to see Tenzil naked. I was a bit shocked, but what can you do?* Raitch also seems interested in Tenzil's nudity (as well as many others so it seems). As you can see by the photo of the chat, it is late, and people should be sleeping, so I will sign off yet again.

P.S. It seems that I am not the only one plagued with travel horrors, I learned of some woesome travel today from Marijuana Mike, I won't share them here though, those stories belong to him.

*Of course, the entire nudity thing was taken out of context, but I thought it made for some good plotlines.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so normally, like the Royal Family, I refrain from commenting.

In this instance however, I must point out that my supposed expressed desire to see a certain co-worker (albeit not for long) naked, was the result of one of those 3 way IM conversations. I'm answering 'yes' to a question just posted by one participant, when the third participant posted another question a milisecond before I hit send. So it appears that I expressed an enthusiastic positive response to a question that I hadn't actually seen.

Not to say, that I would be opposed to seeing this co-worker, or anyone for that matter, without clothes. I think that in general we North Americans are hung up (no pun intended) on nudity, in contrast to our European friends who seem more comfortable with themselves and others without the adornment of clothing.


The Wife

tenzil said...

I'm certain that Mrs. Galloway doesn't want to see me naked. Most of the time I don't want to see me naked.