Saturday, August 20, 2005


For some reason, we were very groggy today... no energy. I don't think the 95 degree weather helped. A quick food of the day review, then into the activities:

1) Breakfast - Optimum Power with Blueberries, Flax seeds and Soy Milk
2) Brunch - East End Food Coop - yum (kale, potatos, tofu scramble, soy patties)
3) Afternoon snack - Toast, popsicle, smoothie
4) Supper - Baja Fresh (Veggie Burrito - me, Veggie Bare - S)
5) Eve Snack - Vegan Ginger cookies, beer.

So, this morning, we drove over to our personal trainer's place, picked her up and went to the "Jail Trail" for some roller blading (in-line skating is probably the correct term, but who's counting). No crashes today. Last time out, both the trainer and I crashed. It was a pleasent day, Sheila was just flying on her blades (as you can see in the picture).

Man, she was on fire on those blades today. We did the five mile loop, then went to the Coop. We asked the 'trainer' if she would like to come to the party up north next weekend (aka Sarnia Homecoming), but she had some plans next Friday that clashed... too bad... Retard would really like to see the trainer.

This eve, we did some 'Barnes and Nobling', when a HUGE storm hit. Got soaked running the five feet to the car. Poor Cherry was terrified when we got home (Pepper was just mad that we were late coming home to feed her).

I'm still groggy... so, I'm gonna end this now. It seems pretty boring anyway.

UPDATE: The grog is catching... look at our cat, she is groggy too!

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Brean said...

I love that pic of Pepper :)