Tuesday, August 16, 2005

D.C. Day 1

After a rushed experience at the Pittsburgh airport (20+ minutes to get boarding pass, 30+ minutes to get through security, 10 minutes to get to gate, then immediately board the plane), I arrived in Washington D.C. as scheduled. The flight was uneventful (other than the bad breath of the passenger next to me... if only he wouldn't have been breathing...). I got to the hotel, checked in, unpacked and was at the ACC before 9:15am.

I spent much of the day working on network diagrams and the like - boring, no details on that here. The highlights of the day were: 1) lunch - Yellow Thai Curry 2) Supper - Aloo Chole, Roti Bread, Samosa. 3) Georgetown - walked about 5 miles in and around Georgetown, some very nice bicycle shops.

Other than that, nothing else to report. I was beat from getting up early and having an intense weekend of activities. Perhaps Day 2 will have more to offer.

Bye for now...

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