Monday, August 29, 2005


So, we returned to the 'Great White North' last weekend (Aug 26 - 28). MVG has team meetings all through the following week, so we went up early for a homecoming party. The 'cast' threw a party, where there was drinking and foosball. It went until about 3am. Dang seemed to be the most wasted of all... about 2am he jumped in the pool (it is still not clear if he was naked), then crashed face first into the couch where he remained until 3.

Peptide got a new box (well, actually, it was a box that was at her former sitter's house), so here is a shot of her in it. Either the box has shrunk, or she has grown... (she is convinced the box shrunk). Day two involved some poker (Texas hold 'em)... I was the beeg weiner. Also got to ride on the micro-bike (picture to follow at a later date).

Anyhoo... that is it for now. I'm flying solo this week, I have a big date at 'Sheetz' on Wednesday with Ms. Fit, details will follow on that. It will be my first dining experience at a gas station (local cuisine). I seem to go on a lot of 'dates' when MVG is out of town... shh, don't tell!

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