Thursday, August 18, 2005

D.C. Day 3

Eat it up...

Lunch - Chipotle Mexican. I had the Fajita Burrito (veggie of course). It was a lot like Qdoba, except they serve booze (I had water). Supper - Bombay Palace. I had the Aloo Gobi, Aloo Paratha Bread and a Veggie Samosa to start it all off. Kingfisher beer washed it down.

So... what is the news of the day other than food? Good question. I could spew some work stuff out, but that would put both the author and reader to sleep. The only real news is that I found out our Integration consultant (Gigantor) was given notice that his last day is on Friday.

This is the Canadian in the US Capital signing off for another day... bye.

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